Google Summer of Code (GSoC 2013)

hi Everyone,

GSoC 2013 has started. So I would like to wish everyone best of luck if you are participating this year.

I was a past GSoC participant under Mozilla MDN. I was fortunate to get great mentorship under teoli!

Mozilla is participating this year under GSoC and you can find the list of ideas here.

This year MDN has two proposed projects and its my pleasure to see teoli is mentoring again :)

I see a lot of participants are enthusiastic about the idea on "MDN CSS Generation Tools" which IMHO is a great project and fairly a moderate one :). I would suggest you to talk to teoli over this and discuss and show code. Its good to remember

"Talk is Cheap, Show me the code" - Linus Torlvalds.

Consistency, hard-work and good-code and a great proposal is all you need to get into GSoC.

Many people have already contacted me and if you wish to do the same please feel free to ping me on IRC, vikash (my nick) or email me at and I wouldlove to help you :)

Dont forget my beer if you get selected :)