Writing after a very long time

I think, its been ages I am writing a blog, so I will take this in order and now onwards I will try to be more accurate :-)

So, Yes I successfully cleared my mid-term evaluation. Yay!

After that, I had been working for a while on the project and its going great.

Now the worst part is, for about a week I couldn't write a single line of code. Unfortunately I had been severely ill these days and had been completely bed ridden. I did informed teoli on this and he is certainly aware of my situation. Moreover these days I was absolutely cut-off from the outside world too :'(

So, once I recover (which I hope) within next three-four days, I would be back on my project. 

I think it wont take more than a week to meet my GSoC phase1 and phase2 targets. Also, once I meet those, i think the technical parts will come to an end and I would indeed be a confirmed GSoC'er ;-) :-)