~2 Weeks from Now~

hi Everyone,

These day I have been rafactoring and updating my codes as per teoli's review. but this was until yesterday.
For the nom-Mozilla or MDN related guys, MDN is shifting to Kuma wiki from the old wiki system, and after 2 weeks from now I have my firest mid-term evaluation.
I personally felt that I have been going slow from few days, and this was one of the points on which both me and my mentor agreed. So we have decided that instead of cleaning the code, I will do border properties. So that means, before the mid term I am very clear and brainstormed upon what has to be done. Things are crystal clear in my mind. Today I will go through the spec. Once I jot down the major points of the spec, I will then move towards the fun part. It is also decided that I would make separate files for each property. Also, to keep it simple, we have decided that I would first do for top, then left, right, bottom and then finnaly the border-* . I think this approach is very good, as I would have smaller goals and these are easier to acheive.

Other than this, I am very sleepy. I do have a terrible shoulder ache, and dont know why am I getting cramps in my stomach :'(. But the bad part is I will have time for the doctor only after 9th July. Till then I cant afford to.

So, mid terms, here I come and give me some good news