Work is there and time is not

Ah! one more week has come to an end. This week was full of ups and downs. I *strongly* beleive I have paced down and is going slow in my work. But there is an entire story behind it. So to make it simple I will use bulleted lists

  • We had GSoC meetup (if you are aware of this blog I am sure you would know about GSoC too ) at Gurgaon office. It was primarily organized by me and was a great trip. Regards to Uttam for helping me in every possible way
  • At this point, my charger broke! and with that I was too. i got it soldered and wrapped it in a celotape. So as of now thats a temp solution to it :-)
  • As in my last blog I said, about HACK-Code for a cause and using the Dataweave API's. Unfortunately we couldn't find the social aspect of that. So we changed our idea and landed upon an idea of an app to bridge the gap b/w users and NGO. It was awesome for us as our team won the first prize :-) and we won an Galaxy Tab2 with Ice cream sandwich. The bad part is we just got one so we are still figuring the proper algo to divide it. As of now its under time-sharing model ;-). We have uploaded the code here

The story doesn't end here. For all these things I had to travel atleast 2 hours in metro and the summer weather had killed me.

With all this, on Monday I had an very important meeting which was again 2 hours away. So it is very true I am exhausted like hell with all these travelling and almost twice in a day.

With all these, I really tried to be on track but some how I missed to put in a lot of my energy. And its true, when you are in a bad feeling and you know you have to do it by hook or crook you do it, I am at the very similar situation now. I know I am lagging in work like hell so I am going as fast I can and working as much as I can. My work includes reading of specs and trust me it is sometimes impossible for me to find the real and updated one.

BUUUUTTT, with all these the *best* part is, I was very scared to confront it infront of my mentor but trust me my mentor, Teoli is super awesome. he understand everything and motivates me for more. His guidance indeeds plays a very important role in my progress. I am sure I couldn't have acheived my deadlines without his constant support and help. I am eagerly waiting to meet him in person, *one day*. I remember I was trying to draw a patter using linear gradients but was unable to and it was for days. he brainstormed me and within the next 5 min I got it running in all the modern browsers. The story would be incomplete if I dont mention his efforts but if I do I am sure you will take a day to read the entire thing.

Signing off