Week 2 had ended last week and week 3 will end soon

hi Everyone,

I am back, and my mentor too. Ok, So the story of my work begins.

I know I am a bit late on this but yes, I had been very busy these days. First things first, I have a done a good portion of work from my end AFAIK. Teoli has started coming over to IRC and reviewing codes.

He has suggested some for additions and removals though he also appreciated some of my examples too.

During these days, I submitted a small patch to Html5Rocks.com. The project is now dead ;'( and my patch was a test patch. Though the good feeling was, it was accepted through Paul Irish. Also, once I get free I will push some patches there too.

Also, in the mean time I had a dog bite, my phone's screen had cracked and I am still going through dozes of vaccination.

Now, commenting on some fun part. My girlfriend is going to a party and I wont be able to make it there because tomorrow We (as in GSoC'ers and GSoC alumns) are having a meetup at google Gurgaon Office. Being a GDG Manager from Manipal, this was my idea [my bragging right] and was put in front. And I am sure tomorrow it would be a great fun meeting all of them.

The story doesn't end here. Sat and Sun I am participating in GDG Delhi event, HACK-Code for a ause. We are planning to make  an Android App using Phonegp+JQuerymobile to acheive something decent. We are using many API from Dataweave.in. And certainly there work is pretty awesome.

So, its time for me to get back to work and code something useful and helpful.

You can also follow me on Twitter or watch/fork my work at Github.


Vikash Agrawal