Work Started

hi Everyone I am sure you would be enjoying your work as much as I am.

This is my first blogpost after GSoC coding period has started. I started my work from 27th rather 21st (had my exams from 15th-25th and then travelled back to home with 30hours of train journey). I had already notified teoli (he is the *superstar* who guides me when I am not on track) and sheppy (the documentation overlord) on the same. But certainly I didn't loose out on anything as I had worked before 15th to keep my work going.

So far my work is going at a good pace and I will increase my productivity in coming days too. Today is a very Good Day for me. I got an office space at TLabs with the help of Uttam Tripathi and Arpit Agarwal. So, i am working from 10:00 AM till now (almost 6:30PM) with the help of caffeine. I did check in on four square and this is my workstation . the best thing is, they have allowed me to come over and work on my GSoC project with No strings attached. Thank-You both of you.

I also met entrepreneurs from

Today the productivity was good, but I did face a problem in writing an example for scaleZ as couldn't understand how to test it, but I am not disheartened as I am sure teoli will have some awesome suggestions for me. Infact on scaleZ, today I had a discussion on #CSS on Freenode. it was nice chatting there but no output came as many haven't tested it. Also some folks dint know that scaleZ existed so I had to give them the link -> w3 recommendation

I will share some cool pics soon about my office and work :P. I saw some awesome posters here by bluegape. My favourite one is github poster

Till then you can fork / file bugs / pull request and learn and try out the project



Vikash Agrawal